The Hotel Village Calama is already 100% operational.

29 March, 2019

With this second hotel project, which began its implementation in mid-July, Tecno Fast Village adds 220 rooms between Hotel Calama and Hotel Chillepín.

With the opening of the Calama hotel, which comprises 2,900 square meters in its first stage, for a total of 120 rooms and an estimated capacity to receive 240 passengers in its modern facilities, the Tecno Fast Village hotel area is consolidated. The new complex, located in an area defined as an urban oasis, it considers a total of 31,000 square meters, contemplating sports, leisure, recreation and landscaping areas.

All designed to provide high quality services, privileging the rest and safety of its guests. Currently It is mainly used by the mining supplier company Komatsu.

“With the start of this new Village Calama hotel we are consolidating a quality option for mining companies and their suppliers. We offer a complete service, which ranges from accommodation, food, transfer of personnel, training rooms, entertainment room, gym, etc., with the highest quality standard, providing comfort and well-being to the collaborators of mining operations who are They stay at our hotel.

In addition, due to its proximity to San Pedro de Atacama, it is an excellent accommodation alternative for tourists visiting the area”, assured Sebastian Jadue, Commercial Manager of Tecno Fast Village. This project, which opened its doors in mid-July, is the second facility operated by the company, after the successful Village Chillepín hotel, located near Minera Los Pelambres.