2 December, 2021

There are many advantages of a modular house, compared to a traditional house. These properties are built from prefabricated modules and adapted to your needs. They have a steel structure, wood cladding and are equipped for everything. Discover our 11 modules of 21 square meters and create your favorite spaces as you want. Find out more in the next note.

It is no longer necessary to wait months or even years to have the house of your dreams. Thanks to technological advances, today it is possible to build your home in a factory and then move it to the chosen place to install it.

These buildings are known as modular homes. As its name says, these properties are built from prefabricated modules that are assembled according to the client’s needs.

These houses have a steel structure, wooden cladding and come fully equipped with bathroom fixtures, kitchen, closets, weak currents for connection to cable TV, lighting and plugs.

After being produced in the factory (a process that takes between 14 and 16 weeks), the modules are transferred to the place where they will be installed by certified assemblers. The assembly takes between 4 and 5 weeks, which gives a maximum period of 5 months from the moment the modular home is acquired.

Tecno Fast constructions are based on 11 standard type modules that have an area of 21 square meters (6 meters long x 3.5 meters wide). The client can select and distribute these spaces in the way that suits him best.

“These solutions have three major advantages over a traditional home: First, the budget is closed, that is, there are no cost increases as construction progresses. Secondly, the construction period is much shorter, since it takes just 5 months to be ready. Finally, the service is practical and reliable. The buyer should not be worried about the work, since we take care of the entire process”, explains Cristián Goldberg, manager of Tecno Fast Home.

The price of the house will depend on the number of modules it has and its location (although they can be installed anywhere in Chile, the transfer has an additional cost), although the average value per square meter in the factory is UF 22.5 + VAT.

Meanwhile, the average cost of transportation and assembly is UF 5 per square meter + VAT in the Metropolitan Region and UF 6.5 per square meter + VAT in the Coquimbo, Valparaíso and O’Higgins regions (to be listed in other regions, enter here). This value includes the transfer to the land, the concrete foundations, the rental of a crane, the connection of the electricity and water splice at 20 meters and the septic tank.

As for the place where the modular house will be located, the land must have electricity and water connections and the access must be at least 4 meters wide so that the truck and crane can enter.

“Ideally, the land should be flat, but if it has a slope, the installer quotes the earthworks or the supporting steel structure”, specifies the manager of Tecno Fast Home.

Are you ready to buy your modular home? If the answer is yes, we invite you to quote the different alternatives here.