30 December, 2021

Key factors such as time, cost, design and space are very important when choosing the house of your dreams. If what you are looking for is to have a house in a few weeks and totally personalized, we recommend our Techno Kit. A system of self-construction panelized houses, which allow you to choose finishes on the ground and in record time. Faster and easier to transport. Learn about our 4 available models and their specifications here.

Keys to choose an ideal modular house according to your needs

  • Time, cost, design and square meters are some of the criteria that can help you select the home that best suits you and your family.

More and more people are opting for modular solutions when choosing a home, whether it is the definitive one or the vacation one. This type of architecture has innumerable benefits, highlighting the speed of its construction and its lower cost when compared to a traditional home. In fact, today there are completely ready houses and even, to arrive and assemble on the ground.

If you are one of the people who are looking for one of these homes and you do not know what to look for, we will give you some advice so that you can make the best decision and thus have the home of your dreams.

Ready to assemble and be customized in the field

If what you are looking for is to have a house in a few weeks and be able to customize it to your liking, we recommend our Techno Kit. This innovative self-construction panelized housing system, manufactured with high technology and design, allows you to choose the finishes on the ground in record time, at low cost and with easy transportation.

Currently, we have four models available:

  • Panel Home (58 m2): two bedrooms, one bathroom, living room, dining room and integrated kitchen
  • Home Plus Panel (79 m2):three bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, dining room and integrated kitchen
  • Archiplan (90 m2): one bedroom, one bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and a loft of 15 square meters
  • Archiplan Plus (163 m2): three bedrooms, two bathrooms (one en suite), living room, dining room, integrated kitchen and a loft of 32 square meters

The models come in a kit that includes the panels in rough work, assembly manual, architectural, electrical, sanitary and foundation plans. They also have extras, such as exterior siding, doors and windows.

“A traditional house can take 12 months or more to build. Thanks to this system, it is possible to have an 80% saving in time, which probably translates into cost savings, since you do not have a complete team working for all that time”, explains Cristián Golberg, manager of Tecno Fast Home.

Another of the main advantages of Tecno Kit is its price, much lower than that of a traditional home. Although the final value depends on the finishes and the place where it will be built, the prices fluctuate between UF 420 + VAT and UF 1,310 + VAT (the price does not include transportation or assembly).

Another benefit is that you can get your Tecno Kit in 12 interest-free installments.

Space that adapts to what you need

If you are looking to build a larger project with a greater design, we advise you to choose Assadi modular homes, which are expandable single-family homes.

There are 11 different capsules designed by the renowned architect Felipe Assadi, which allow the construction of houses from 42 square meters (2 capsules) to those that are necessary to meet the different needs. As in the case of Tecno Kit, this type of construction is enabled in record time.

The value of the square meter of Casa Assadi is UF 20, a price that includes the equipment. Transfer and assembly must be added to the final value, which varies according to the location of the land.

“At Tecno Fast we give the possibility of delivering the house completely ready. We work with outstanding assemblers that allow us to deliver a totally habitable house so that the owner completely forgets about the construction of his house”, comments the manager of Tecno Fast Home.

An opportunity to be in contact with nature

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a place with just enough and what is necessary to live and enjoy the surroundings, we recommend the Tiny Cabin, a 24-square-meter tiny house with an efficient and minimalist design that can be installed anywhere in Chile.

Tecno Fast has two models available: one designed by Felipe Assadi and the other by Mathias Klotz, and each one has a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, closet, TV, WiFi, hot water and air conditioning, among other optional services.

This solution takes two months to be manufactured in the plant and two weeks to be moved and assembled on site.

“The Tiny Cabins have a low environmental impact, since they are built with certified wood, and they leave our robotic factory ready, generating less waste and noise at the final destination,” explains Cristián Goldberg.

Now that you have all the necessary information to choose the modular home that best suits you, we invite you to quote your house here.