Modular spaces vs. containers. What are their differences?

10 March, 2022

  • These concepts are often used as synonyms, but the truth is that they are not the same. Here we tell you what are the characteristics that distinguish them.

When we talk about modular solutions, many people think that these constructions are containers. However, both structures have distinctive characteristics, from their design to their assembly.

So that you do not stay with the doubt, below, we explain the 4 differences between modular spaces and containers.

  1. Design:

The containers are created and designed for maritime and land transport and cargo, on the other hand, the modular solutions are designed and conceived in their entirety to be used by people.

  • Terminations

The containers do not have finishes designed for the use of people, they were created only for cargo transport. The modules, on the other hand, have finishes designed for the needs and comfort of those who inhabit them, for example, the modules satisfy technical aspects such as thermal efficiency, universal accessibility, passive fire resistance, among others.

  • Use

This is one of the most controversial points because many containers are reconditioned for residential use, however, they were not created for it; Tecno Fast modules are built for such use. All regulatory aspects and customer requirements are covered.

  • Mounting

The containers have limited layouts and assembly alternatives, the modules have unlimited assembly options oriented to the final result that is sought from the building.

Now that you know the differences between modular spaces and containers, we invite you to learn about our different solutions for renthere and for sale here.