Home Studio: the modular solution to work or study from the comfort of your home

21 July, 2022

  • Tecno Fast developed this capsule of 5.81 square meters that you can buy or lease and that takes only 4 hours to be installed in your yard. In addition to an office, the space serves as an art studio, yoga room or study.

One of the great trends that has been consolidated in the last two years as a result of the pandemic is remote work, since movement restrictions forced many workers to carry out their work in their respective homes. While some had to use the dining room table, others chose to convert a piece and reorganize it with a desk and a comfortable chair.

Now, those who have space in their gardens can opt for a new alternative. This is Home Studio, a modular construction of 5.81 square meters and can be installed in just 4 hours.

“In the midst of the pandemic, many clients asked us if we had a solution to be able to work from the beach or the field. At that time, we decided to create a hybrid space that would not only serve as an office, but also as a ceramic or painting workshop, a yoga room or a study space for school or university students”, explained José Tomás Errázuriz, manager of Rental & Home by Techno Fast.

How can this space be installed?

This solution developed by Tecno Fast can be rented from one month at a cost of $180,000 + VAT. You just need to have a level and compacted ground.

Tecno Fast also offers the purchase option under two modalities. The first is the sale of the modular structure and ready to be used, where the module is shipped fully assembled from the Tecno Fast robotic factory. It has a value of $2,990,000 + VAT + transfer (freight within Santiago costs $95,000). This option can be installed the same day it is purchased.

On the other hand, there is the sale of Home Studio kits, where the panels are shipped unassembled to be built on site. It has a cost of $2,400,000 + VAT + transfer. The customer can save the transfer by going directly to the factory in Lampa. To remove the panels, a three-quarter open truck is needed and, if required, the assembly service is offered for $600,000. This option takes 48 hours to be ready.

The modules have a thermally insulated lining, thermopane windows and air conditioning/heating can be included for an additional value of $270,000 + VAT.

“These modules adapt to any type of climate and environment; they have a lower environmental impact, since they are made of wood that comes from certified forests; and they can be dispatched to any part of Chile”, concludes the executive.

Do you need a space to telework, for your children to study or for that craft workshop that you like so much? We invite you to quote your Home Studiohere.