Tecno Fast, along its extensive career, has been awarded nationally and internationally in different areas, being the most outstanding ones the MBI awards (Modular Building Institute) and the CChC (Chilean Construction Chamber) Awards, for our website design.


Safety recognition for 500,000 man-hours without accidents with time loss (December, 1999).

For having achieved the construction works in Los Pelambres project without accidents with time loss (August, 1998).

Tecno Fast was awarded for best website of the construction sector, granted by the CChC (Chilean Construction Chamber).

2001 First Place: Temporary Factory-Built Complex of Buildings
2002 Honorable Mention: Permanent Factory-Built Institutional or Assembly over 5000sq. ft
2002 Honorable Mention: Marketing Piece Print
2004 Honorable Mention: Permanent Factory-Built Institutional or Assembly over 5000sq. ft
2004 First Place : Temporary Factory -Built Institutional or Assembly over 5000 sq.ft
2007 First Place : Permanent Modular Office over 10,000sq.ft
2008 First Place: Permanent Modular Institutional Or Assembly Over 5000 sq.ft
2008 First Place: Permanent Modular Office Over 10,000 sq.ft
2009 First Place: Temporary Modular Single-Wide
2011 Honorable Mention: Permanent Modular HealtCare
2011 First Place: Permanent Modular Retail Or Hospitality
2012 Honorable Mention: Permanent Modular Office Over 10,000 sq.ft
2016 First Place: Marketing Place Print
2016 Honorable Mention: Marketing Piece Website
2016 Honorable Mention: Permanent Modular Bathroom Pod
2016 Honorable Mention: Relocatable Modular Retail or Hospitality
2017 Honorable Mention: Relocatable Modular Single-Wide
2017 Honorable Mention: Relocatable Modular HealthCare


OUTSTANDING MANAGEMENT certification, 2008, valid until June, 2010.

165,000 man-hours without accidents with time loss (May, 2009) • Mutual de Seguridad CChC achieved 630,000 man-hours without disabling accidents in its 2008 – 2009 La Escondida Site projects (August, 2009).

In March 2012, Tecno Fast took a huge leap in Safety, Occupational Health, and Environmental Care. After a hard but satisfactory process, since we could see the progress in our commitment with our people’s safety and environmental care, TFA became the first modular construction company with THREE CERTIFICATIONS, currently holding the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certifications, which makes our company a World-Class Company.

May 4, 2012, was not just another day for TFA, since the project in Collahuasi achieved the very important one-million-man-hours-without-accidents-with-time-loss milestone, showing once again the value that TFA allocates to workers protection, being this the result of a series of actions, activities, and commitments carried out towards risk prevention and environmental care. 1 year without accidents with time loss in Rental Plant. Although our Rental plant’s lifespan is different to our older Lampa plant, it is already satisfying us through the achievement of June 23, 2012, making us feel proud of the 1 year-without-accidents-with-time-loss milestone, and reflecting our commitment with our workers’ safety.

The Quebrada Blanca Project built by Tecno Fast is located at 4,500 m.a.s.l. Its work started on November 7, 2011, and achieved 500,000 man-hours without accidents with time loss on December 14, 2012. This project was developed under very unique weather conditions, which makes this milestone even more relevant, since our workers faced extreme temperatures between -5°C and +13°C (23°F and 55°F), and changing weather conditions during the day, from a clear sky to hail or electric storms within minutes, which may cause lightnings striking on the facilities. The average number of workers in this project is 400, considering 30,483 m2 in total, which includes one dining room with a 700 people capacity, 1 gym, office premises, and 1,700 beds.

Tecno Fast — having presence in Minera Escondida Ltda. since 1997 with projects such as OGP1, Campamento 2000, San Lorenzo Village, Leaching, BHP Billiton’s SX, among others — achieved a very important 3 million-man-hours-without-accidents-with-time-loss milestone in December, 2012, which is an irrefutable result of the commitment with risk prevention and environmental care of both TFA and its collaborator companies. According to Alvaro Ahumada, SSOMA CEO, this milestone is the result of the contribution of each worker on their own and their coworkers’ benefit, led by an interdisciplinary team of risk preventionists, Sernageomin, environmental engineers, and psychologists with vast experience in La Escondida, who everyday do their best towards our workers’ safety. Currently, the surface built by TFA in La Escondida accounts for approximately 140,700 m2.

Tecno Fast was awarded for good performance in safety, during a contract execution in Collahuasi.