It is located in the Coquimbo Region, at 1,680 meters above sea level, next to the border with Argentina. (200 Km from Santiago).

In 1998, Los Pelambres Mining Company hired Tecno Fast ATCO to build a Construction Camp in the Chacay area. In 2001, those buildings were remodeled, improving their functionality and appearance. One portion of this complex (10,512 m2) became a high-comfort hotel, with 304 bedrooms for executives and supervisors. In a new stage called “El Chacay Boosting”, Tecno Fast ATCO attained the construction of 6 three-story bedroom buildings, and 2 one-story leisure buildings, in addition to the necessary urbanization works to connect the already existent services.

This new stage lasted 8 months since the purchase order was issued until it was fully operational. The main constraint for the execution was the weather conditions. Nevertheless, it only produced a delay of no more than 10 days.