This mining hotel for Los Pelambres Mining Company was a big challenge for Tecno Fast: one of the requirements of this work was having the facilities ready by the second half of 2001, despite having closed the work deal in December, 2000. It is comprised of a series of buildings to accommodate 800 people, with a total surface of 14,192 m2. This is situated in a distant location, with a steep geography, to which the design (designed by Correa 3 Arquitectos) and the execution of the project had to be adapted. Using the modules from the old construction camp, remodeling them, adding private bathrooms, and transporting them 15 km, a marvelous hotel was built. We used a fast track engineering and a logistics process that is unique in Chile, and above all, we had an outstanding on-site team, both in professional and interpersonal skills. This is also the only work in the country which combines in perfect harmony prefabricated systems with modular buildings, plywood, concrete, and steel buildings.