The project “Spence Camp” is a set of buildings of 68,681 m2, located in the vicinity of Sierra Gorda Calama. It was developed to accommodate the mining workers of Spence, company controlled by BHP Billiton.

In total, the camp has 55 buildings: 37 wooden wings for bedrooms and 18 ancillary buildings. It was built in only 210 days, and has a capacity to accommodate over 7,000 people.

Each wing is composed of modular units with two bedrooms, each one with a private bathroom. In fact, one of the buildings with the highest occupancy rate can contain up to 42 modules, that is, 84 bedrooms.

Among the innovative aspects of the project, we can emphasize that it was built using 678 modular units recycled from Escondida Mining Company, and with only 490 new modular units.